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Welcome to your own Private Island...

Our "love-dolls" are certainly more than the name implies. The lovely faces and life-like bodies that pose themselves so naturally will allow you to experience the fantasy at the next level.

Providing companionship, a playful and willing bed-partner, or simply a beautiful model for photography...the Private Island Beauties will fascinate and exceed your expectations.

Created with extreme care...We are not a factory, but an art studio.

Each doll is made one at a time, to your own specifications, using only the highest quality platinum cured silicone.

Here's to experiencing sunny, sexy days on your own Private Island...

Just in from the island...

This a fun option that works particularly well with the Spinner. This is Bree having some fun.

Can any other doll do this? Flexibility is a beautiful thing indeed...

October Sale


Fall is here in Virginia. To celebrate those crisp clear days, we're offering a $500. discount to all full doll orders during the month of October!!

Just give us a ring and we'll make it happen.


Thanks to all who have called and written . Enjoy this beautiful season.

 Patrick and Sara


October Sale
October Sale
New... closed eyes

She looks so peaceful...

New... closed eyes
New... closed eyes
4th new face option for Spinner

This exotic beauty is our 4th head for the lightweight spinner doll. Jazmine...an Asian delight.

4th new face option for Spinner
4th new face option for Spinner
New Oral Head

This is the oral version of Alexis...the first head for our Spinner doll. Now, both Alexis and Bree have the oral capacity. Enjoy!

New Oral Head
New Oral Head
No-Poke finger wires

For many years all dolls had finger poke issues. Folks had to be extra careful playing with their dolls or just moving them. The pokes began and were a pain to repair.

Well, we have the solution. In the last 5 or so dolls we have included our new no-poke system. It works...plain and simple.

So, finally , after all these years ...no more worries about finger wires. No extra charge.

Always working toward a finer doll.

 The focus should be on the fun...



We now offer two variations for the Spinner insert. Removable or permanent.

There is no extra cost either way and no change in appearance to the look of the doll.

The permanent insert offers a super soft back door and front door canal. It is built into the doll.

The removable version is much like all of our other dolls. Easily removed for cleaning or warming.

Your choice! Just make a note at the bottom of the order page.

I am also just about ready to introduce the oral version of the Alexis head. So, Spinner will have 3 options. Yea!


Nice Review
Nice Review

This review from the Doll Forum just made my day. Here it is word for word...

"I'm most definitely buying that head. I've no idea how you manage to sculpt faces that are so far above your competitors that's it's not even a competition.

This new one is the best one yet. The proportions and the expression is just right. When I first saw the head, it reminded me of the few times I saw an unbelieveably beautiful face in real life. You know the kind of face that leaves you speechless and immobile. Never expected a mere doll face to be able to achieve that."

Music to our ears...

New face option for Spinner

We now have an awesome oral option for the Spinner doll. We've named her Bree. Gives the doll a whole new look.

New face option for Spinner
New face option for Spinner

In order to keep quality "Top Notch" we are constantly re-molding our faces and bodies. This is our new, reworked/re-molded Aria. This is the oral capable version. She was designed especially for the "Girl Next Door" body, but here she is looking just fine indeed on the Bathing Beauty. She'll go out today. Of course , we create our oral heads in a softer silicone mix for a great feel. 

New Spinner Doll

Our new "Spinner" doll is up and on the site!

Most of her pics are of the Coffee Gelato coloration. We just posted some Creme blush pics in her "photo pics" section.

Check her out...the most playful doll on the market...ready for you.


New Spinner Doll
New Spinner Doll
New Spinner Doll

She is a joy to play with...

Her flexibility is un-matched...super soft breasts...easy to carry and clothe...(or unclothe!)...crazy soft insert...sculpted for ease of entry...what's not to love??

If you would like any information about this doll, or would like to order, simply e-mail me or give a call. I'll be happy to answer any questions. Patrick@privateislandbeauties.com 

We'll be happy to send samples of our silicone "skin" to you so you can get a feel for her softness and realism.

 Basic shipping costs in the U.S. $250. for East Coast / $350. for Mid Country / $450. for West Coast

For Australia, Europe...just shoot us your address and we can work up a shipping quote. Thanks!

Here are some of her measurements.......................petite, but not too small.

Waist...16"...40.6 cm


Top of head to heel...52"..132cm

Shoulder to heel...40"...101.6"

rear end circumference...28"...71cm


breast circumference...26"...66cm

arm length...20"...50.8cm

circumference of thighs...15.5"...39cm

neck circumference...8"...20cm

length of foot...7"...17.7

New Spinner Doll
New Spinner Doll
A New Doll!! Spinner!!

We're very pleased to announce the arrival of our new "Spinner" doll. She is a slightly scaled back version of our full sized dolls and she weighs a mere 42 lbs! (19 kilo) She is 4'4" (132cm). Just a wonderful size and weight to make everything easy.

Her nice price is $3495. plus shipping.

Her tush is very available since her back has a dangerous curve!  So be advised, you may never get out of bed...She is amazingly flexible and still holds many poses. Our super soft silicone formula is put to very good use with her. 

We're just getting her pictures and order form up on the site. Until all the internet dust is settled, please feel free to write or call and we can forward lots of photos to you. Enjoy!!!

A New Doll!! Spinner!!
A New Doll!! Spinner!!
Collectors letter

Hi! We often receive wonderful words from our collectors. We use those kind words as fuel to keep us going, for sure.

Here is a letter that was sent to us last week...word for word.

" Hey Patrick,

I got her today and wow. She looks so much better in person than she looks in the pictures you sent. She looks like a real (beautiful) person. She looks like an NFL cheerleader. I am amazed at the detail. (BTW her legs are gorgeous!) and she is soooooo soft. Her skin feels silky like an exotic dancer I once knew. She even moves like a real person. I am so glad I shopped around and went with you.The only other maker that comes close is R...D...They look really good but your silicone blend is so much softer. Eden was worth the wait and worth every penny! Plus, I don't have to worry about her ruining my credit and cheating on me resulting in a divorce. Thank you soooo much!!!! "

(name withheld)

Thanks! We're so glad she was well received. 

So, Black Friday...If you'd like 20% off on that day...just let us know that you'd like to order. And for the whole next week we'd like to offer 10% off orders for full dolls.

 Our way of saying thanks...on this Thanksgivng day. All the best to you.

Patrick and Sara



Collectors Quotes

Nearly all of the photos on our site were taken by collectors. I believe we were the first with this feature. It shows what our dolls truly look like and how they pose.

I thought that I'd show you some direct quotes from several collectors that I saw this week. These unsolicited words are music to my ears...

"She is the softest non-TPE doll I have ever touched"

"Pictures don't do her any justice."

"To see her in person was a great experience. Lovely and very life-like."

"As you know, the PIB skeleton is unique. The newest version offers a very natural movement without having mannequin-like stiffness."

"I am still amazed at how she feels. Lifting her feels so much like lifting a person."

"Can't really add enough superlatives to describe the new body."

"There really are times I can't tell the differemce between her silicone and real skin."

"The new insert is DAMN close to a vagina..."

"Functionally, she is great in cuddling through the night and is much better than the (doll from another maker) in that the sex isn't in just one position each time (having to pose her first) but can be fluid, making it more natural..."


Many thanks to those folks who took advantage of our February special ! We met some new folks, and some returning collectors as well. Nice!

Why choose us?

I've had lots of calls lately with folks asking "Why should I order from you guys instead of another product?"...

Well...that's easy! If you want a doll that feels real(nice and soft), you've come to the right place. If you want a doll that moves naturally without stiff robotic joints...here we are. If you enjoy great customer service...we answer our phone...you can talk directly with us. We're the ones making your doll. Every doll is unique and special, as are our collectors.

We are not a factory. We create each doll one at a time in our studio here in Virginia. We have visitors nearly every week. You are more than welcome to come see and feel the dolls. There are always several in various stages of development. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

a couple of updates

We created a new core for our Island Girl and she weighs much less now. She's down to 78 lbs...35 kg. We never want to make a doll over 80 lbs. Now she is quite manageable. More fun to play!!

Also, Our Eden head was redesigned to fit any of our dolls bodies. For a long time she was our most popular face so we thought it would be nice if she could fit all of our dolls. 

Thanks, and enjoy!

February Special!!!!

Hey!!  It's the month for romance...so we're offering 10% off all full doll orders in February.

We thought that might take a little chill out of the air...time to light that fire!

Just give us a call or e-mail and we'll get things going for you.

 All the best,



Introducing Nikki

Announcing yet another new beautiful face this month...


She has already found homes around the world.

Introducing Nikki
Introducing Nikki
Another Beauty... Paris


In addition to our February special (10%off), we are happy to announce yet another lovely face added to the line


She fits all of our bodies and is one of our hottest yet. "We'll always have Paris..."  Merci'

There are now 25 amazing faces to choose from...


Another Beauty... Paris
Another Beauty... Paris
New Mina Pics
New Mina Pics

One of our favorite photographers/collectors (Alottahope) has been creating wonderful images with Mina. Here are 15 new images that show off his talents. A few of his "Hope" pics are in her gallery as well.

A rare


Thanks to all who placed their orders in August. That's usually a fairly slow month...and we're busy!!!! 





new softness video
new softness video

Check out some new softness videos!

We have a wonderful new softness to our dolls!

The tush is now nearly as soft as the tata's!! Actually, the whole body has a fantastic new softness.

Squeezable and extra fun for play. We are not charging any extra for this upgrade. We are sure that it will add considerably to your enjoyment of your doll.

This way, you have the lasting quality of platinum silicone... with the softness you have been hoping for!!


Here is Mina!  Our latest addition.
Here is Mina! Our latest addition.

Our newest (oral) head. She is best suited for our Girl Next Door and Bathing Beauty bodies.

Check out her new gallery pictures!

New Skeleton...!

We're quite pleased to announce an upgrade to all our dolls skeletons.  After 2 years of experimenting, we have created a way to more than double the strength of the dolls skeleton.

Of course this opens the door to a wider array of posing possibilities. The best part...she still has that fluid feel to her movements. She does not have a robotic feel. You do not need to worry about moving anything up or down before moving sideways...just put her in any position, with no hesitation. She has a natural feel.  Easy. No nuts or bolts to break or seize up or loosen over time.

We have a very unique system. We keep things simple. Here are a few pics of the Girl Next Door doll showing off...

New Skeleton...!
New Skeleton...!
Island Girl

Here she is!!!

We are happy to announce the release of the new "Island Girl" body. This girl is long and lean at 5'7" . Her breasts defy description with incredible puffy nipples. Perfect detail in her hands and size 6 feet. She was sculpted in a "standing" pose so her legs are naturally straight...totally unique in the doll world.

All bathing beauty heads fit this body perfectly. Enjoy!

Island Girl
Island Girl
Luna pics updated
Luna pics updated

Some great new pics of our Luna head.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Luna is now available!
Luna is now available!

Luna is our newest Bathing Beauty companion!

Ellowyn is now available!
Ellowyn is now available!

Sophisticated and sexy, Ellowyn is our newest Girl Next Door companion.

A great new addition to our Girl Next Door line... Divina!
A great new addition to our Girl Next Door line... Divina!

Playful and gorgeous, Divina is just waiting for you.

Come see our latest Girl Next Door Cleo!
Come see our latest Girl Next Door Cleo!

Our latest model is here to please!

New Beauty Aria!
New Beauty Aria!

Aria is even wilder... check out our new "open" option, for a mouth made for more than sweet kisses!

New Beauty Bitzy
New Beauty Bitzy

We have a lot of great new pics! Great new stylings make your "Girl Next Door Bitzy" even sexier!

"Painterly Options" now available!

For the same price as regular pubic hair (which has a tendency to come off over time) we can paint any color and style of pubic hair on your piece, which will never rub off. 

It has a believable texture and stays put. We can also do the same with eyelashes. See below for examples! 

This is yet another variation in which we are unique in the industry. 
If you would like to add this option to your piece, just let us know in the notes section of the order form.

New additions to our
New additions to our "Girl Next Door" beauty doll Aria gallery!
Over 30 new pics of Aira have been added to her gallery.

Be sure to check out her new, sensual style!

The latest addition for our
The latest addition for our "Bathing" beauty doll. Introducing Kira...
Kira is smart and very sensual... and can be as professional or as dirty as you wish!

Online ordering is now available for this new head... come and take a peek!

Our second head for our latest
Our second head for our latest "Girl Next Door" beauty. Introducing Bitzy...
Bitzy is playful and sweet, and our second head for our new "Girl Next Door" beauty. 5 inches shorter, 20 pounds lighter, and just as much fun!

Online ordering is now available for this new doll and both heads, and we are happy to take your order!

Our first head for our latest
Our first head for our latest "Girl Next Door" beauty. Introducing Aria...
Aria is truly gorgeous, and the premier head for our new "Girl Next Door" beauty. 5 inches shorter, 20 pounds lighter, and just as much fun!

Our doll is so new and so hot, that our online order form isn't even up yet. You can still order this amazing new beauty by calling or contacting us until the form is updated.

New Bella Waaaaay Open!
New Bella Waaaaay Open!

We have a new Bella head with a Waaaay open mouth!

Introducing our new
Introducing our new "Gaia Head with open mouth"

Introducing our new "Gaia Head with open mouth"! 

Check out this great interview on podcast #25 of the
Check out this great interview on podcast #25 of the "Bobblehead Gods"
We had a blast going to talk with the "Bobblehead Gods" down in Richmond Virginia. We brought a doll and some different heads, labias...and had way too much fun.

Our interview is here and there within the 2 hour show.

New Movie Showing Just How Great our Materials are!
New Movie Showing Just How Great our Materials are!

The quality, softness, and overall feel of the doll is of utmost importance to you. We only use the highest quality materials, giving our dolls a feel and suppleness like the real human form.

Announcing a new
Announcing a new "Big Clit" labia option
If you'd like your doll to have a very excited big "bean" this is it..
A New Hope (gallery) awaits!
A New Hope (gallery) awaits!
We have added some pics of Hope after a nice day outside.

Recently, we added more than 100 new images of our lovely ladies to our web gallery... the latest gallery to get a great makeover is our Hope gallery. Check them out!

Interview with Patrick Wise of Private Island Beauties
Coverdoll did a great interview on our work, and I thought you'd like to read it!  Click here to read on...
New seamless pubic area...
We have invented a new way to mold our dolls which completely eliminates the usual seam-line that used to show on all dolls just above the pubic bone.

Now our Beauties are even more unique in that they have a more true to life appearance, with no line over the vagina to ruin the illusion of reality.

We've even added some skin texture to that area as well. Along with our super realistic labias, it's quite a beautiful look. It's soft and truly functional.

New seamless pubic area...
New seamless pubic area...
New finger wires for posing...
New finger wires for posing...
We offer (see order form) NO-POKE wiring in our dolls' hands for easy posing of the hands.

Now, she can hold a flower, or a drink.