Choosing the Right Love Doll for You
Doll Visual Comparison
Size difference between Bathing Beauty and Girl Next Door.

Absolutely, this is a very personal decision. I think what it comes down to is... Will you enjoy looking at this particular face and body for a long time? Is she the one who lights your fire?

If so, you've chosen well. Obviously there are many options to choose from. But, which is the face that speaks to you? Which is the body that you'd like to hold?

I'm very pleased when collectors touch and hold our dolls for the first time.

They always express a surprise at the softness of our dolls and the natural way they lay. There is a natural feel to the dolls when you lift them. She will just rest her head on your shoulder. She is not stiff or robotic at all.

And then when you set them down, they simply find a pose as a real woman would. Many of our best photos come from that very moment. When someone lays her down and "Yes!" that is the just about takes itself. We pride ourselves on our very personal customer service and look forward to speaking with you as you go about choosing the right doll for you.

Labia Options

Each doll we create is unique. We are constantly adjusting the silicone softness and the skeleton. We're always developing new techniques for adding realistic color. New faces are always on the way. Our whole doll is now as soft as the breasts alone used to be. That's progress. It's also something that is unique to our "feel". I think we have come amazingly close to achieving a realistic feel. With this softness comes a pliability that is actually surprising. We were shocked at how much more flexibility our dolls have now with the softer silicone. We make these adjustments because it's how we think it ought to be. And, we listen closely to you. Many of our advancements came from suggestions by our collectors. It's our job to create the best doll we possibly can. Thanks for your great comments and suggestions. We listen.

Now that we have done this, it's up to you to choose the face and body that lights your fire. Not so easy...but, you'll know her when you see her.

We really enjoy making the fantasy come to reality for you.

We included a comments box on our order page for you to get really specific with your requests. If you'd like your dolls wig to be dark brown with red highlights and have bangs and be wavy at the ends...we want to know. I really prefer to discuss your doll order personally if possible. This way I can take notes and get a good feel for just the look you are hoping for.

We don't charge extra for freckles, as some do. And, our extra inserts or eye upgrades are very reasonably priced. So much so, that many doll aficionados order these items from us, instead of using the ones that came with their doll. The quality is what keeps folks coming back. (or choosing us in the first place:)