Customization and Care of Your Love Doll

One of the benefits of ordering a Private Island Beauty is that you can have a great time customizing your doll in a number of ways. Some of these great options are free of charge as well. We do not charge extra for adding freckles, extra soft breasts, labia alternatives...

So, imagine your favorite look, from innocent to sultry, and let's create a beautiful doll.

Skin Color


Creme blush is our lighter skin tone. Much like a young Irish girl. It has a pinkish hue. Not too pink, just a bit of blush.

All of our added secondary coloration, where we add reddish highlights to the elbows, knees, underside of the feet, etc. really show well with the creme blush.

Coffee Gelato give the dolls more of a tanned look. This skin tone really shows off tan lines and freckles. Very "girl from the beach" and life-like.

Coffee Mocha is a few shades darker than the gelato. Sort of a Halle Barry look. A great Caribbean deep tan.

We spend a lot of care and time adding the highlights, using a special paint formula that is more than just paint. It will never rub off. Nipples are realistically colored along with your eyeshadow and eyeliner preferences. Lip color variations are seemingly endless. Let us know if you'd like just a few freckles, or lots. Maybe a beauty mark strategically placed. It's up to you. Or, you can leave many of these decisions to the artists discretion if you wish.

Many collectors send a photo or two as reference. Sometimes these pics come straight from our site. We can then re-create your favorite look as a picture tells us just the look you are hoping for.

Tan Lines

Tan Lines

It's certainly one way to add a bit of realism to your doll. We can make these very obvious or maybe just a hint of a tan line is what you'd like.



A personal favorite way of mine to add a life-like quality to the dolls. Some other makers charge up to $150. for this. We certainly do not. Maybe just a sprinkle across the bridge of her nose...some on the shoulders. Just let us know if you'd like this.

Tan Lines


Earrings, nipple rings, hood piercings, nose piercings...they all just push right in. You won't hurt your doll with these. A nice way to class up her look.

If you'd like a necklace or bracelets, just let us know. There are many tattoo options that we can permanently create. Would you like a rose or heart? Some barbed wire around her ankle? Perhaps the "tramp stamp" just above the tush. Ha! We've done it.

Tan Lines

Wires in Fingers

We have created a way to add these wires into the fingers that limits the potential for "poke throughs". It was a simple solution. With a little extra care, this will not be a problem. We suggest placing your dolls hands in her lap as you move her from place to place. This way when you set her back down she will not accidentally sit on her fingers. Having the wires in place will allow you to pose her hands so that she can hold a wine glass or point. This is a great way to show expression. Those who wish to photograph their doll will want this option, for sure. If you simply want your doll for play, finger wires are not a necessity.

Labia Options


We offer 5 different labia options on the bathing Beauty and Girl Next Door dolls. From "Barely there" to "the Butterfly". They are permanently attached to the inside of the vagina and come complete with a hymen that you can then "break through", so you know that you are the first.

We intrinsically color these labias, usually with a earthy pink inside graduating to a darker brownish grey edge. Of course you can ask for whatever color you'd like.

No other dolls come with options like this. It is the option that is most requested by owners of other dolls to add P.I.B. realism. They are wonderfully soft as well.



Our usual wigs are hand picked by us to your request. In addition, we offer "lace front" wig upgrades. They give the illusion that the hair is coming right out of the scalp. Very high quality realism. Wigs can range into the hundreds of dollars. For the lace front option, we ask only $100.

Super Soft Breasts

Extra Soft Breasts

We are constantly experimenting with softness variations for our silicone. Recently we put together a wonderfully soft version of our platinum silicone, which, when you feel it will give you goose bumps. Guaranteed. I thought that our dolls were already the softest on the market. Now I know they are.

This gives the tush a softness that we did not have before. Since we do not use gel implants, there is no risk of deformation or leaking. The tush will always be nice and soft and round, as it should be. Now, the breasts....our casting of the breast area is done with extra softener (never using silicone oil). Normally they are luxuriously soft. If you'd like them even softer, just let us know. No extra charge. Just know that with the super soft option you'll need to avoid a hard grab of the breast with your fingertips. That would tend to leave dents. We also suggest with this option that you not leave you doll laying on her tummy for extended periods of time. Super soft just means to take a little extra care there.

Super soft or not, our dolls breasts are certainly one of their finest features.



A great way to add even more personality to your doll. We are happy to apply whatever design you wish!


Softer/Harder Body Option

We really like the softer castings. However if you want a doll that you know will need to be a bit tougher and even more durable, just let us know and we can cast a doll that is a little less soft.


Care sheet

We provide a comprehensive care sheet with every doll. These simple guidelines will help you care for you doll and keep her going strong. It's common sense care , really. We suggest that you powder your doll regularly, since it makes her feel extra good to the touch and helps new clothing slide on more easily. If you have chosen the finger wire option, then you'll need to be aware of her hand positioning when you lay her down. We suggest that you keep her hands in her lap as you set her down so she doesn't accidentally sit on her hands.

You may immerse you doll in water, unless you've chosen the neck bolt option. The tiny hole for the bolt may allow water into her body cavity. If you dolls' skin becomes stained by the use of new dark clothing, you can simply place her in a spot in your home that receives direct sunlight everyday, and within a week or so, the stain will disappear.

We provide a small tube of sil-poxy which is a one part silicone adhesive. This can really come in handy if, say, a small tear begins at the "taint" area. A little adhesive there and the area will be good as new. We offer a neck bolt option for those who wish to hang their doll while clothing her. The bolt can be easily removed by unscrewing it. We suggest that you store your doll by sitting or laying her on a soft surface. It's that simple.