We used to produce our silicone doll in our VA studio, but as you may know all the fees such as mold, silicone material… are too expensive, So We moved our production line abroad which is Dongguan China. So you can enjoy our beauties at a cheap price but high quality. If you still want a USA-made doll, We will make one for you in our studio with pleasure.


We cast our work in a high-grade premium silicone. It resists tearing and has a very life-like feel. The silicone is odorless and exudes no oil. Premium silicone is what is used for prosthetics and is absolutely entry-safe. She uses our own unique design which enhances the work’s structural integrity.


This doll body type weighs varies based on the body you select and can be as light as 42 lbs… She is quite cooperative when she needs to be moved. Her light weight makes it easy to change her outfits.


Each of the different heads is easily fitted onto the body. It is a breeze to pose our life-like heads. The eyes are adjustable. We will continue to add new heads to the line for a wide array of beautiful and unique looks.


Island Girl has size 5 1/2 feet which are nicely arched and totally realistic in detail.


We searched far and wide to find a model with these beautifully feminine hands. They are naturally sized to her slender arms.


The mouth acts as a third entry. The teeth are soft silicone and there is a slightly textured 7’’ inner canal on the oral versions. Each oral version head has both top and bottom sets of teeth and a removable tongue for a very realistic look and the best oral experience. Because of the type of material we use, we don’t need to have a large and all-too-obvious mouth opening for the third entry to function. The color can not be rubbed off of the lips.

Back Door Functionality

The inherent softness and durability of our dolls’ tushs allow us to make available one of the best back door experiences you can imagine.
The anal opening does not have a removable insert but does have a unique texture from the vaginal or oral openings.


This is the softest and easiest-to-use vagina in the doll market.
Ask anyone who has purchased our inserts just so they can make their other dolls usable.
The Private Island life-like labias are permanently attached and are intrinsically colored to your specifications.
They also have incredible surface detail.
The removable insert is also made of a wonderfully soft premium cured silicone. It has a delicate life-like inner texture and stays in place while she is having fun.
The insert is then easily removable for cleaning.
Our labias also have a thin hymen incorporated into them. This adds a unique virginal aspect to your doll.


We worked hard to keep the weight down on our piece while still retaining its structural integrity and range of motion. Our unique skeleton design allows the piece to be moved into a natural range of positions. There is no creaking sound and nothing to tear the silicone. The body is designed to be positioned with “play” in mind. The silicone, though able to stretch, is not designed for maintaining unnatural positions for extended periods of time.