Our Story

We take pride in our work

Hey All,

My name is Patrick, I am a lifelong sculptor, mold maker, and special effects artist. Often I work with several friends/artists who have had many years working in similar fields.

Our goal is to create unique, high-quality objects in silicone. We are grateful that many of our ”fans” haven’t forgotten their sexuality…and realize that it’s okay to have a great time in this life. Your positive response to our work makes our day.

Thanks for looking and your support.

We have many projects, big and small, in the works.

Check back so you will be the first to see the newest pieces as we add them to the line.

Coverdoll did a great interview on our work, and I thought you’d like to read it! Click here to read on…

Why choose us?

I’ve had lots of calls lately with folks asking “Why should I order from you guys instead of another product?”…

Well…that’s easy! If you want a doll that feels real(nice and soft), you’ve come to the right place. If you want a doll that moves naturally without stiff robotic joints…here we are. If you enjoy great customer service…we answer our phone…you can talk directly with us. We’re the ones making your doll. Every doll is unique and special, as are our collectors.

We are not a factory. We create each doll one at a time in our studio here in Virginia. We have visitors nearly every week. You are more than welcome to come see and feel the dolls. There are always several in various stages of development. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What we use with our silicone love dolls…

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