Care and Maintenance

She just loves to pose…

When photographing your Beauty, try to be very aware of the position of the eyes. Go right or left, up or down…but avoid the lifeless straight-ahead stare. Natural light will be fine… Especially early in the morning or at dusk. We’re always amazed by the creativity shown by our collectors when the camera comes out. Have a great time taking pics…and have a wonderful time next to your doll. She will tend to take on a “personality“ all her own after some time. We look forward to your photos.

Care Guide

Get the most from your investment and make it last a lifetime.

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

1. Treat her as you would an actual person.

Although the premium silicone we use to create her can stretch up to 6x and is amazingly resilient, she will certainly appreciate it if you just play nice.

It seems that most often it is “friends” who tend to cause damage. ”Let’s see how far the nipples can stretch !!” Watch out for those types. She is yours now to protect.

2. Be careful with sharp objects.

Be aware that the acrylic nails can cut into, or at least leave a mark if they are accidentally rubbed against the body. They are like little knives. Move her carefully.

She’ll sit on her hands if you let her. That goes for the toes too. Before lifting her, place her hands in her lap for safety.

3. Use doggy style with caution.

We all love doggy style, but just put her in a soft place, the hard surface will hurt her knees!

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

Be sure to wash her out after use. It’ll be tempting not to, but a girl likes to be taken care of!

Perfumes won’t hurt her. Piercings such as earrings, belly piercings, and labia…just slip right in. Have fun with that. Rings, necklaces, hats, and glasses are a great addition to the illusion of reality. Any additional make-up you add can be carefully removed with acetone.

1. Never use corrosive cleaning products.

Soap and water will serve quite well to clean her skin. We use baby wipes. If you then powder the cleaned area, you’ll find it less likely to attract dirt.

We’ve found that hair clinging to the face from static electricity from the wig can be taken care of by using a soft make-up brush to apply just a bit of powder to that area. Avoid the eyes and lips as you want those to stay shiny.

2. Don’t let the water go inside from the neck.

She may be submerged in water. Just don’t leave her out in the pool. The chlorine may fade her skin. Direct sunlight will fade anything over time.

She’ll love a ride in the car. It’s a blast to get the reactions from other drivers !! She will especially enjoy the beach!!

3. It makes it feel nice and smooth to powder the skin.

Although it is not absolutely necessary to powder the skin, you’ll find that it makes it feel nice and smooth. It also takes away the shine on the skin’s surface. You can use baby powder or cornstarch. There are scented versions as well. Oo La La. As it becomes apparent that she’d like a bit of powder, apply it liberally and spread it with a soft brush. Later just toss the sheet in the wash.

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

It’s when the Beauties are fresh out of the mold that they are most likely to be stained by dark clothing. That’s why we paint them within the first three days out of the mold.

When we move the doll we often remove the head first. That will take 6 lbs off the weight as you carry her. The bridal carry works great. Remember to bend at the knees.

1. Avoid leaving dark clothes on her.

Avoid leaving dark stockings, bodices, or other tight lingerie on her for more than a few hours when she first arrives. Victoria’s Secret lingerie will most likely not leave any stain.

If you have the patience, it’s actually a good idea to pre-wash dark clothing before dressing her. Better to be safe. After time she’ll not be so prone to staining.

2. Be careful with tighter fashions.

It’s still a good idea to change her outfits regularly. Some of the tighter fashions, including tight shoes, could leave a mark if left on for too long.

If she is wearing pantyhose, it will be easier to slide pants onto her. It may also be easier to dress her from the bottom up…sliding dresses on feet first.

3. Removing her head with care.

The neck has a tough interior. If you want to adjust it, feel free to really bend it around.

Always take care when removing her head to not tear around the fine edge around the opening. You may have to over-bend the neck to make it stay in the position you want. She can take it.

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

We have included a small tube of Sil-Poxy which is a strong silicone adhesive.

If you see a tear, (if a finger wire pokes through or the labia shows some wear…)…just clean the site with acetone (or fingernail polish remover) and carefully apply some Sil-poxy and wipe off any excess. It will set, better than new, in 10 minutes.

Stopping a small tear early on will keep it from becoming a large one later. The silicone smell you notice will subside quickly.

1. clean the site with acetone.

2. apply some Sil-poxy and wipe off any excess.

3. Hold the tear place for a minute.

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

She is not only a sex doll but your lifetime partner, So she deserves well care and protection. It will result in longer use, A good preservation environment can postpone the aging of the skin, both inner parts and surface. Below are some requirements for storing your doll.

1. Store her on a soft cushion.

Store her on a soft cushion. Avoid resting her on hard or sharp surfaces. We’re sure that she’ll enjoy your own personal hard surface however!

2. Avoid direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is not only bad for humans but for your love doll, Exposure to it for a long time will cause a slight fading and reduce her lifetime.

3. Avoid circumstances in which the doll suffers pressure.

Long-time pressure or tightening of any part of the doll will cause changes in the sex doll’s shape. We suggest laying her flat and without putting any weight on her.

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